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One question I have first: Is "ground pounders" an existing term in military usage today, or did JMS make that up?

I thought that there was a good deal of interesting interpersonal action in this episode. The troubled relationship between Franklin Sr. and Jr. was excellently portrayed. Even after they'd talked, at least some, there was still the "Yessir!" reaction, even in a private conversation. What a contrast in their feelings about other races - Sr. is quite frankly very prejudiced, even to the point of xenophobism.

I also liked the dialogue between Ivanova and Dr. Franklin - they rarely interact privately, and this situation gave them an opportunity. I do like the fact that Ivanova is portrayed as relating neutrally to her fellow officers, without any romantic overtones. That makes her believable as a female military officer.

Much has already been posted on the Garibaldi/Dodger relationship, so I won't add to it. I did find her words on her motivation in seeking something to remind her that she's alive thought-provoking.

The death of the three protagonists (yes, and even of the "bad guy" who attacks Delenn) at the end is a very sad moment, both in the reactions of the people on B5 and in actually seeing them lying there. Yes, that does make B5 distinctive - people die. It may be a victory, and many rejoice, but the viewer is not a part of that at the end.
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