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Re: EpDis: Revelations

This episode does have some important build-up for future developments, though I must agree with those who are annoyed with Sheridan's sister. C'mon, he tells us that B5 is "all alone in the night", then everyone and his dog comes to visit?!

The biggest revelation about Londo is seeing him betraying the Narn investigative ships. He acted shocked over Morden's callousness in destroying so many Narns, but he does make an active decision here. He must know that its consequences will be terrible.

We are kept in some suspense as to the result of Delenn's transformation - the crusty skin structure at first, her fearfulness. However, the result is stunning! You can just see Sheridan falling in love at first sight, though he doesn't yet realize it and wouldn't be ready for it if he did. I must say, I like her hairstyle here more than some of the attempts that are made in the coming episodes and seasons. There's something very attractive about the asymmetrical 'do.
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