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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
Well, interestingly about that, it wasn't until Michael O'Hare decided to leave the show that jms decided to make Sinclair be Valen.
Not quite right. According to Joe the Valen plot was thought up about 2/3 of the way through the first season. That's why Delenn says in Voice in the Wilderness that Sinclair has a destiny. At the end of season one, plans were still there to have Sinclair in place. As late as April (filming of season one wrapped in March) Joe mentioned Sinclair's brother arriving soon. The talks with Michael O'Hare didn't occur until the hiatus between seasons, and the official switch of commanding officer was in the May 1st memo. In the script book Joe talks about having Valen return from 20 years ahead, or having to take Babylon 4 in to the future in case of cancellation in the 3rd season. It seems from this description that he had the Valen idea at least as early as Babylon Squared (which would be slightly past 2/3 in).

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