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Re: EpDis: Points Of Departure

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He didn't mention that Sinclair was Valen though; he only mentioned that Minbari souls were in human bodies. It's also not yet evident that Sinclair went back in time which is how he was Valen in the first place. All the pieces for solving this mystery are not in place in this episode, even though we learn a bit. According to Joe, learning what Lennier says here was originally going to occur in episode 3 of season 2 if Sinclair was still there, so it still would have been early in the season either way.
Well, interestingly about that, it wasn't until Michael O'Hare decided to leave the show that jms decided to make Sinclair be Valen. The memo, or outline, or whatever you want to call it that got released in the bonus volume of the Babylon 5 scriptbooks reveals that the original plan for the show never included the Sinclair=Valen element. In that original plan, no one went back in time at all: Babylon 4 was taken forward in time to replace Babylon 5 after it had been blown up by the Minbari after the Warrior Caste had expelled the Grey Council from the Minbari government.
Thanks VL, that is news to me. I always thought Sinclair was always destined to be Valen (but, at the end of the Series). Then JMS started thinking about how he had way too much on Sinclair's plate to be believable for just 1 character, so he decided to bring in another character about half way through the Series (Sheridan) and have Sinclair become Valen mid way through the Series. Then, when Michael O'Hare left after first season, JMS simply sped up the timeline of bringing Sheridan into the mix, but, left Sinclair becoming Valen at mid way through the Series.
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