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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

This is a fantastic episode! It manages to pack so much information into a tight schedule and creates an enormous amount of suspense, while simultaneously breaking through the usual clichés. In any other show, Garibaldi would have been able to warn EF 1 on time, and a reasonably happy end would have ensued. His struggle to rescue both himself and the President is a truly moving scene.

I always find it scariest when someone trusted by the characters turns out to be a traitor - there's no way to defend yourself in such a case.

But the episode begins with happy stuff - Sinclair's proposal is delightfully awkward for someone who has to speak diplomatically in his position! And on New Year's Eve it looks like things are heading toward a happy end for him. Cutting back and forth between the celebrating and the struggle behind the scenes is great.

*Now* we find out what was hinted at in a previous episode by the word "chrysalis". The cliff hanger ending leaves us in the dark as to Delenn's transformation - what will she be? - and Garibaldi's fate - will his aide manage to finish him off? And what will become the major element of future seasons, the development of Shadow interference, especially in relationship to the Centauri and Narn, begins - how will it continue? The foreboding is certainly warranted...
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