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Re: EpDis: Legacies

I just checked to see who wrote this episode - I was pretty sure it wasn't JMS. Certainly Delenn has a darker side and is stronger and more dangerous than she appears, but she seems to be out of character in this story. Being so fanatic about an issue that she lets others take the blame and endangers the whole station, even to the point of risking a new war, just does not conform with her actions before and after this episode. The whole idea of serving others, which she preaches, does not go with letting others suffer for her actions. Of course we see enough characters in and around B5 who don't practice what they preach, but I don't see Delenn as one of them.

I too went "What the...?!" when the ship approached the station - the open gunports tradition of the Minbari should be known to EarthForces by now. Why the panicky surprise?

Though he picks a fight every time he has an opportunity, I like Neroon, who is introduced here. There's something about him that makes him believable as a member of the warrior caste and interesting as a character. Part of that is his sense of humour - subtle, but winning. We see so few humorous Minbari.

I also like the way Talia and Ivanova's relationship progresses. Though they squabble about the destiny of the young telepath, it seems more like two parents disagreeing about how to raise their kid - I don't get a feeling of animosity anymore. And like parents, they let their protegé go when she makes her own decision.
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