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Re: EpDis: Eyes

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
Once again Sinclair manages to read between the lines and turn regulations around to suit his own purposes.

I do like seeing how sarcastic the enforced obedience of the station officers is - exaggerated affirmatives etc. And it is nice to get to know at least one PsiCorps member who is honestly trying to do his best - plus we get a first look at the law against telepaths in the military, which is referenced much later in "Crusade".
Our heroes dance within the regulations for as long as they can... but eventually the letter of the law fails the spirit.

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
Ivanova's reason for not wanting to be scanned is quite touching - not wishing to ruin her memories of her mother's touching her mind.
And of course it covers for her secret.

Originally Posted by JoeD80 View Post
A comment on the polls - I guess something in the database got moved because the answers correspond correctly but the questions are off. I noticed the other episodes titles in the threads didn't match the thread titles, but this one asks "Do you want to do Jude Law" with the answers of Excellent/Good/etc.
A problem so old, Joe, that the rest of us have forgotten it... as I recall, we tried to do something about it, failed, gave up, and gradually started to ignore it.
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