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Re: EpDis: Eyes

What I like in this episode is the fact that Sinclair is confronted with his past decisions - not because they were not good, but because he has enemies in EarthDome. Almost every episode so far is referenced here. There is a good deal of continuity and connection involved. And once again Sinclair manages to read between the lines and turn regulations around to suit his own purposes.

I do like seeing how sarcastic the enforced obedience of the station officers is - exaggerated affirmatives etc. And it is nice to get to know at least one PsiCorps member who is honestly trying to do his best - plus we get a first look at the law against telepaths in the military, which is referenced much later in "Crusade".

Ivanova's reason for not wanting to be scanned is quite touching - not wishing to ruin her memories of her mother's touching her mind.
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