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Re: EpDis: By Any Means Necessary

This episode is a real contrast to the preceding "Survivors"! I really like the down-to-earth (down-to-station?!) story that focuses on the people who keep the place running on a practical level. I'm not so optimistic as to think that humans will have overcome all their self-created problems in 200 years.

I also like the young woman in this episode (Neeoma) much better than Lianna. She comes across as a tough cookie and seems much more real than the Major. That could be a matter of better casting for the role; I'm pretty sure her voice makes a difference as well - it's very energetic. She also has a sense of humour, something lacking in the previous female character.

The secondary story is quite a contrast and feels more humorous; as I felt the subtext coming across from Londo's words, I can't help but think that the flower was an aphrodisiac. It is nice to learn something about Narn religion as a postscript to "Parliament of Dreams" - and good to know that not all Narn adhere to the same beliefs. I thought that G'Kar's singing sounded very like Jewish chants in its melodic progression.

What comes through very strongly once again is Sinclair's wisdom and cleverness in making decisions. He is a veritable Solomon! I greatly admire those traits and miss them in Sheridan later on. My favourite part is the fact that he uses the laws passed by Earthdome against them! I love it when someone goes by the book and still gets his own will.

One quote strikes me as being very Tolkienesque: "There's no happily ever after, just new battles." Tolkien spoke of "the long defeat", meaning that evil is not vanquished once and for all. We cannot fight the battles for future generations, but only leave them with "clean earth to till".

Sinclair is warned by the Senator that he has made enemies by embarrassing Zento. Is the latter ever mentioned again, or is that just a general foreshadowing of the attitude Earth offcials take toward him?
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