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Re: Babylon 5 - Sleeping in Light - The End

Originally Posted by benisjamin33 View Post
I think I was just upset that there seemed like there was so much still going on that I didn't want it to end, but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. Maybe I was also upset that I felt like there was no resolution for one of my favorite characters in Lienner, besides a toast in his memory that didn't unveil when, where, and why he died. Most of the other story lines have some vague ending that you can use your immagination and kind of come up with what happened in the middle. I also feel like SiL opened another can of worms with Sheridan. We all knew he was dying, but the 1st one came back for him and took him to the outer rim. Do what, it is anyone's guess.

Happily ever after is a comforting myth. Unless everyone dies there is always more. But it may not be that interesting. Reading the Legion of Fire/ Centauri trilogy will answer many questions. The B5 universe is rich with possabilty,unfortunately the real world is poor in imagination. The good news, B5 will be resurected in 20-30 years. The bad news is that it will be reimaged, kinda like BSG.
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