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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

I'm not sure if this sleeping dog should be wakened, but as I'm commenting on each episode as I watch it, I do want to add a few thoughts. The ethical questions raised here are excellent, and the moral issues for Sinclair and the others on B5 are very tricky. I agree with Ambassador Kalika that the Commander's compromise solution was "fair and wise", yet it doesn't end the story. I can't help but feel with the others that the Vorlon ending was a good solution - and of course none of the others had to shoulder the responsibility for it. Very convenient!

I chuckled over Londo's comment on Sinclair's attempt to keep quiet on the situation: "Great job!"

I also found it interesting that Abbut told Talia that it wasn't good to "reflect" too much, upon which the images of herself in multiple mirrors appeared in her mind. If that was from Kosh, he must have been able to project mentally without being present, since he'd already left the area. I did like the way what seemed to be a silly situation at the beginning (with dialogues of almost Monty Pythonesque disconnectedness!) became more threatening and ominous - perhaps a parallel to the other development, where the serum that seems positive becomes a horrible thing because of the way its made.

Excellent episode!
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