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Re: Just Finished My 1st Time Through Series And..

Originally Posted by benisjamin33
he did leave those loose ends untied for the possibilities of spin offs, movies, and books.
I think the way some dialogue was written was keeping the sequels/novels in mind, but the idea of having stories beyond the main show was planned. In some of his earliest notes Joe wrote:
Originally Posted by JMS
Story is future history. Covers only the events of 2258 - 2262. Characters and universe have history before, and history after. We dive in, witness the events of those years, and dive out again at end. Universe goes on.
Originally Posted by benisjamin33
Hell if they just wrote a couple books that filled in the gaps about G'Kar and his 16yr gap finding himself and his eventually return to Centurie Prime, Michael and Litta vs Bester, and Lienner would make me satisfied.
Pretty much all those were covered in books except for the Lennier one. The Psi Corps trilogy does skip over the telepath war, but goes in to the final chase between Garibaldi and Bester, and the fate of Lyta is mentioned a couple of times. The Centauri trilogy does cover G'Kar once he decides to head to Centauri Prime. The Lennier one would have been in the feature film and/or Crusade, but we can see from "Sleeping in Light" that he died since Delenn toasts him at the dinner.
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