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Re: Babylon 5 - Sleeping in Light - The End

I will have to watch season 4 again and then watch the original finale, hopefully I will get a better sense of closuer. It sucks that JMS kinda of set it up for another season with all those different plot twists. I feel like it could have done with another season, deal with the Psi Core issue, have Lienner sacrafice himself, have the flash forwards come full circle, and see how David Sheridan gets captured how they escaped. That would be great if that was the movie JMS was secretly working on. Would make some sense with everyone being older to play their character's part in the future. Maybe I am just upset that I final got through, for the most part, a great series were most of the characters grew on me, and this is how it ends? No, please, if there is god, have JMS write a theatrical version of B5!
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