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Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple

A detail that I've been pondering since previously posting is a brief moment of cinematography I really like - the transition from Londo alone in his quarters, looking at the brooch and thinking of Adira, to her, also alone in her quarters, holding and looking at the data crystal. (The transition cuts directly from the one object to the other.) I continued thinking of their relationship; when I first saw the episode, I was not convinced of its believability. However, rewatching has shown me how it could have genuinely grown.

The plot element of someone who begins a relationship for the wrong reasons (money, being set upon that person by other powers, etc.), but comes to have genuine feelings for that person, shows up in other genres of literature and film as well. Adira admits to the Centauri preference for persons of power, yet she also shows that Londo attracts her for more personal reasons. At that time in his development, he is a person with whom one could have lots of fun - and he looks so young (comparatively) in this episode!

I like the way we are shown her reluctance to comply with her owner's instructions, yet she feels she has no choice - much like Londo later on, when collaborating with the Shadows. And I like the ending - she apparently feels she must atone for her actions in some way. It's not just all erased instantly for a happy ending.
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