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Re: Babylon 5 - Sleeping in Light - The End

Well, Sleeping In Light (the very last episode) was originally filmed as the last episode of season four. For the first four seasons, Babylon 5 was part of a Warner Brothers syndication package of shows called PTEN -- The Primetime Entertainment Network. As they were busy filming season four, it looked increasingly and increasingly like there would be no season five. Wanting to be able to have a finish to the show, some things were shifted around. The ending of the Earth civil war was going to have been in the beginning of season five -- the originally planned last episode of season four was to have been "Intersections In Real Time" with Sheridan being tortured; the rest of the war after that was to have taken place in season five. So, the resolution of that war was moved up into season four. The telepath colony would have been established in season four, but it was bumped out to make room for finishing the war.

So here they are finishing up the season and there was no hope for a season five. PTEN had been officially declared over by Warner Brothers. So, "Sleeping In Light," which would pretty much have been the finale of the show no matter what was filmed. But then in swooped TNT who offered to produce a fifth season. So, they pulled "Sleeping In Light" after it was filmed and held off on it until it could be shown as the series finale at the end of season five. A new finale ("The Deconstruction of Falling Stars") was the first episode filmed in the season five filming schedule to take the place of Sleeping In Light at the end of season four.

Season five was then done with Sleeping In Light having already been filmed before hand and just sitting there waiting to be shown as the final episode of the show.
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