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Re: Babylon 5 - Sleeping in Light - The End

It seems that all of you have watched this show many times through, I just recently finished watching all of series, and I got to say I was extremely dissappointed with the last episode. I felt like there was something missing between "Objects At Rest" and "Sleeping In Light". I felt like they just addresssed all these new problems and then they just ended it. Lienner running of, Michael and Litta vs Psi Core, the pot Londo gave to Sheridan for his kid, G'Kar and Litta's adventure, and the Darkh on Centurie Prime. Now a couple of these we can solve are self with the flash forwards, like Delenn and Sherdian escaping from Centurie Prime with their son, and some of the books talking about Londos, but what about Lienner and the Psi Core problem? All the movies address new issues, except for "The Beginning", and it doesn't seem like there is any books that fill in these gaps. I guess I am more dissappointed not knowing what happened to one of my favorite characters in Lienner, and ticked that I couldn't see the badassness that would have been the Telepathy War.
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