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Re: Just Finished My 1st Time Through Series And..

The main story is the five years on the station, and that was told. That's the way Joe wanted to do it. The side stories involving Garibaldi/Bester, Lennier's fate, the occupation of Centauri Prime, etc. are different stories in the same Universe, but they weren't meant to be in the show or anything. Take the Centauri one for example - we can see in Objects at Rest that the Keeper is going to be given to David, and we saw in War Without End that Sheridan & Delenn came to Centauri Prime, likely because of David. The Drakh tells Londo about the fusion bombs around Centauri Prime, and in the flash-forward we see the fires caused by the bombs burning across the planet. The connections are there in the show, even if the details of these side-stories were elsewhere.[/QUOTE]

Seasons 1-4, and lil bit of season 5, were some of the best Sci Fi television I have ever seen, and I loved the Vorlons vs the Shadows and everyone else caught inbetween. I just get this feeling that JMS knew there were plenty of people like you and I who loved the show and wanted to see it go on, that he did leave those loose ends untied for the possibilities of spin offs, movies, and books. It is too bad that the spin off and a majority of the movies, maybe not "The Beginning," told different stories instead of addressing the ones that they had. Instead they bring in new problems to solve like the virus that the Dakhr infected Earth with. I just wish that they finished up with their major characters in some individual Sci Fi movies instead of always focusing on Sheridan. We already had closuer with him, Stephen, Ivonva, for the most part Delenn (not the Lienner part of course), and I would also say with Londo as well. Hell if they just wrote a couple books that filled in the gaps about G'Kar and his 16yr gap finding himself and his eventually return to Centurie Prime, Michael and Litta vs Bester, and Lienner would make me satisfied.
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