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Re: EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

After my B5 marathon, I am now watching the series more slowly and allowing myself time to notice details - and to post about them. I agree with the previous posters who have written that the question of rating this episode depends on what one compares it with. Compared to normal TV fare (which I don't bother to watch) it's excellent, but knowing what comes in future B5 episodes, this one doesn't stand out particularly, except in its function as a beginning to regular broadcasting.

Changes from "The Gathering" are what were most noticeable for me. I suppose some network officials wanted Delenn looking more femininely attractive than she originally was shown, since she was planned as a love interest for the station commander - which is ambiguous for me. I could have accepted her more alien, androgynous appearance.

I do like the way news broadcasts are shown as being important to the characters, as well as the role of entertainment shown by Garibaldi's comic show watching.

Knowing the direction the Ivanova/Talia relationship will take, I can't help but wonder if the sleeping part of Winters is already directing the telepath. She certainly does not let herself get discouraged by Ivanova's setdowns!
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