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Re: Just Finished My 1st Time Through Series And..

Originally Posted by benisjamin33 View Post
[COLOR=#000000]Hello, first time poster, and just recently finished all of the seasons this last couple of weeks. Once I started, I just couldn't stop, and now I am at a point were I want more, but I don't know if I want to watch a TV move if it isn't going to have a majority of the cast and no relevance to the original story. So I was wondering what some people recommendations would be on continuing the B5 story. There were a couple things I was hoping would be resolved in the last episode, and weren't, so I was also wondering if there were any books or TV movies that did address these loose ends that have been bothering me.
Welcome to the board.

1. The Drakh controlling Centauri Prime. We all kind of guessed what happens with the flash forward and such, but is there any more in depth movie/book that better describes what steps were taken in the liberation of the Centauri. Also, if G'kar was off discovering himself, why the hell would he go visit Centauri Prime, missing his new eye, just to kill Londo and himself?
The Legions of Fire trilogy fills in a lot of the blank for this story ... but it can be tricky to get hold of all three, I gather.

2. The Telepathy war. Litta and Michael had a deal that he would help her a mass cash/supplies to help combat Psi Core, and would, in return, unblock Michael so he could take out Bester. After the flash forward Michael didn't see to have a care in the world, so I am guessing everything went according to plan.
JMS always planned to use a theatrical movie to tell the story of the telepath war/crisis, if it ever happens. There are some hints of what happened in the Psi Corps trilogy of books, and in Crusade, but the main thrust of the story has not yet been told.

3. Lennier. At first I was happy that Delenn and Sheridan got together, but halfway through season 4 I started routing for the underdog. Delennn played with this poor guys heart, I felt so bad for him when he just jetted off near the end of season 5, claiming he would redeem himself in her eyes. So yeah whatever happened with that? On Wiki, they said he died with Litta after they blew up Psi Core headquarters.
The original plan (as I understand it) was that Lennier and Lyta would appear in the Crusade episode Patterns of the Soul and would be shown to be involved in the bombing of Psi Corps headquarters, and assumed dead as a result of the explosion. However, in practice, they either could not afford or could not come to a deal with Pat Tallman and/or Bill Mumy, so another, anonymous telepath was used in the story instead.

We don't know whether that means JMS has therefore dropped that as the official fate of Lyta and Lennier, but I would think it likely that he will find another way to kill them off should we ever get a movie or other outlet for it in the future.

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