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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
Hi! I just finished a B5 marathon, having purchased the box with the complete series and the movies. When I first saw the series back in the 90s, I was blown away by it, even though I couldn't hear the original voices and dialogues. (Like almost every production, it was translated and dubbed for German TV.) Ever since then I've wanted to be able to hear it in the original English version, and the DVDs now give me that option.

Enough introduction - now to this particular film: I think the visuals and the story are very good and agree that the music is probably the one factor that keeps it from finding the emotional reception that the series had. It's very percussive, with little harmony and almost no melody at all. That works well for battles etc., as it feels more like sound effects than music. At its best, it's "interesting", yet it doesn't appear to have the means for conveying deep emotions.

I've ordered the Crusade DVDs and can't remember enough about it to comment yet.

As to Sheridan's beard, well I like it. Early in the series he had rather a baby face, and his look by this time in the story arc is stronger, giving him the appearance of wisdom that suits his role as President.
I actually really liked the music. I felt it gave the familiar old locations and characters an interesting detachment, like visiting your old school after years away and finding it's changed and isn't yours anymore, or perhaps like the impression of an outsider coming for the first time to a place you know well.

I *do* agree that the music kind of lost its way during the battle scenes in the second half of the movie, and it kind of becomes indistinguishable from the battle sound effects.

I bought the soundtrack album when it came out because I liked the music on the series, but curiously while I think the music mostly works on the show, it doesn't really work by itself.
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