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Re: Episode Discussion (EpDis) Thread Index

Originally Posted by Trollheart View Post
Hi all, just registered but a LONGTIME B5 fan (before it was even a series --- watched "The Gathering", then called just "Babylon 5" on old VHS!) and just wanted to say hi to you all!
Ah, a First One!

Also, having rewatched "Deconstruction" again, I have to say that although I know it was "tacked on" in fears of cancellation, it really was, for me, the perfect ending to the series, and in many ways it's a pity it wasn't left to the end of season 5 (had JMS not access to a time machine, fgs?) --- I really have not seen a better "ending" to one of the most superlative works of TV drama (not just sci-fi) in my life.
Not tacked on in fear of cancellation at all. It was actually the first episode filmed in the *fifth* season but moved to be the fourth season ender so that Sleeping in Light could be saved as the series finale. In other words, 501 became 422 and 422 became 523. Got it?

If I was to award it a score out of 10, I'd give it 11 (except that that would be tinkering with the laws of mathematics, wouldn't it?)
Ah...obviously the above is perfectly understandable!

Is this spoiler-free? Just in case, I won't say what I want to say, but the final scene in SIL still makes me cry (you know the one!)
There are at least 3 places in SiL where the tears flow for me.

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