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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars and the future of the human race (spoilers)

Originally Posted by vorlonlovechild View Post
We make the step together, Leave the universe together to explore beyond the rim, and the Narn & Centauri stay behind to look after the younger races..They evolve into the equivelent of the Vorlons and Shadows and fight it out over billions of years till the next set of races assend and we all leave the galaxy to have a really big party at Loriens place.
My bold. I suspect that was a typing error and you meant Galaxy? There's nothing to suggest the Centauri and Narn evolve to become like the Vorlons or Shadows. Here's something of note on the matter:

#: 18875 S5/Seas. 5 SPOILERS
08-Feb-98 00:57:09
Sb: #18808-#>> Future First Ones<<

The Minbari eventually make it; the Narn and Centauri do not. They
don't die out, they just don't hit a state of First One-ishness, which is darn
close to immortality (barring violence).

It's down at the bottom of the page.
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