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Re: Specific Stuff You'd Like JMS To Answer

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
On another thread we were talking about Delenn's rings, and how that whole thread was evidently dropped before the show went to series, but we'd like to know what all that was about - particularly what the "Black Ring" was for.

When I interviewed JMS earlier this year, I did get him to answer some of my long-standing questions about the Technomages (Mr. Abut and the Ikaran Warrior were not Technomages, he told me, and the "Mr. Jones" mentioned in the series bible, but never seen in the show wasn't one either, though he declined to tell me what Mr. Jones was, exactly.)

This got me to thinking, "Hey, let's make up a list of specific stuff we'd like to ask JMS about."

So: Number One:

1) What was Delen's Black Ring for, and how would it have played out in the series?
2) When is the long-in-production Graphic Novel due to come out? What's the holdup?
3) What did you have in mind for "The Hand" from Legend of the Rangers?

Go ahead and post your own questions! It'd be interesting to see what we're interested in, *and* who knows - some of us might have the answers already.
It is not a question about B5 or the graphical novels or any of his particular projects, but more a general question that I'd have for him, I think.

Namely: what would your dream collaboration be? With an author or producer or artist or historical figure, whatever.

You may now get back to the pressing question at hand.

Forgive the interruption.
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