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Re: Triluminary Question

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
What you said sounds reasonable. You could ask JMS on .
The thing is, I don't think its just a theory of mine. I swear its either canon that wasn't in the show but was mentioned somewhere else, or that JMS already DID mention it on the moderated forum. I'm just trying to remember where I heard it.

Not sure asking him a 12 year old question of something he may have already answered is best. I'm hoping some of the old schoolers around here might remember or have insights. But we will see

Kara --- Delenn does mention that Sinclair has the soul of Valen in that episode, and it is mentioned again in "In the Beginning." But they dont mention that the Triluminary is made out of pieces of Sinclairs Comlink. Thats the part I'm trying to remember where I heard it.
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