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Triluminary Question

So rewatching the series again, a nagging question came up and I don't remember where I heard this particular bit of info. Spoilers below for the, well, no one who is reading this site who hasn't seen B5 all the way through yet.

We know a few things. The Triluminary glowed when the Minbari held it in front of Sinclair. Early in the series (season 1, early season 2) it was stated that this was because he had a "Minbari Soul." Later in the series, this was corrected / modified a bit to show that it actually meant he had the Soul of Valen, not just any Minbari Soul. We also know the Sinclair went back in time and actually WAS Valen.

So the question is, I remember hearing somewhere that the metal chip looking thing in the middle of the Triluminary was actually a piece of Sinclair s Comlink that he wore on his hand when a part of Earthforce. And that pieces of that Comlink were on the other two Triluminaries as well. And, that the reason the Triliminary glowed when held up to him as those Comlinks are genetically bonded to the owners, and it was reacting to his DNA. The question is ---- this was never actually stated in the series itself. Where the hell did I hear this? Was it established in a book as canon? A comic? One of the many JMS Speaks where he was giving backstory that never made it onto film? Its bugging me where I heard this...
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