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Re: What order to see it all in?

Originally Posted by Recoil View Post

I'm sure you have answered this before, but why the change in the Season 1 viewing order? I saw you moved TKO and Legacies to the end of Season 1. Was there a reason for this? I always thought the DVD order was "as it should have been".
It's just the Master List order on The Lurker's Guide.
...and the justification for that order is given there.

I haven't watched B5 all the way through in years, though not for lack of trying. I've started several times but never make it out of Season 1 There are just too many distractions, work, the need for sleep, other shows (currently watching "Castle" S1 on DVD, "Reaper" S2 on DVD via Netflix, and trying to get caught up with my "Supernatural" Season 5 timer-recorded tapes before it starts back up with new episodes on Jan. 21). I'm just saying that I'm a little rusty on B5 right now, and the reasons for the changes in the order are minor and I can't remember any specifics related to exactly why "TKO" and "Legacies" should air where the Master List has them.

"Due to production constraints and other factors, several episodes during the run of the series were delayed, shown later in the sequence than originally intended. The effect isn't major in most cases, but there are minor things that make more sense if the episodes are viewed in the intended order. JMS has given the ordering for seasons one and two his blessing."

Sorry, but without rewatching it all right now, that's the best I can do, and I can practically feel the cellphone getting ready to call me to work, and I still haven't eaten (Zapping something right now.) and no coffee is made. Since Jan. 2nd, about all I do is work, sleep, and get called back out to work, and eat on the fly (when I remember to eat.). Your question is more for someone who is rewatching B5 S1 right now, someone for whom the nuances would be apparent because it's all fresh in their mind.
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