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Re: If you could re-score B5...

Can't be done.

I'm sure that if you'd replace Franke's stuff with someone elses and show the show to someone who hasn't seen it before it'd work, but for the fans? A bit like talking about replacing Star Wars' music with something else.

For me Franke's stuff is more like the ambience of the surroundings rather than music specifically. I had some trouble with it in the beginning because I didn't realise that it could be just the ambience. A lot of it is sound effects, long and short. Mood thematics.

I won't even consider whose stuff I'd replace Franke's with!

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I was fine with Chen's music and especially liked the opening theme for Crusade. I think he would have improved in time, just as Christopher Franke did.

Franke's stuff became a bit more music towards the end of the show. Big themes, even if they're still brief when comparing to other series.
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