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If you could re-score B5...

I completely, fanatically love B5. So much so that my wife was joking just this morning to her friends about how she's like to go more than a week without having a conversation involving Jumpgates. <G>

That said, if I had to pick something that was consistently the weakest part of the show, I'd say it was Christopher Franke's score. I never really liked it. I *do* think he did a good job with the more-or-less zero resources they had available, and I *do* like Tangerine Dream, so please don't think I'm dissing him, I'm not. Also, on occasion, he did do some really impressive stuff - the Season 5 theme is beautiful, the operatic piece he plays when the Narn are dying defending the station in season 3, etc - but for the most part, I just don't care for it.

Which brings up an interesting thought experiment: What style of music would you have prefered for the show? How would *you* have done the music differently if money were no object? If you could go back in time and get one or more composer to simply volunteer their services for the series, who would you choose? (Don't say "Beethoven," unless you're talking about "Louie Beethoven and the Butt-Naked Band," who play over at the Cleremont. It has to be someone who was actually alife at the time.) What pieces of music from the existing soundtrack would you want to preserve, and which would you like to get rid of?

So sound off about sound!
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