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Re: Specific Stuff You'd Like JMS To Answer

Originally Posted by vorlonlovechild View Post

In "Objects at Rest" when Sheridan arrives on Minbar and looks out over the Minbari cityscape we get a rather ominous tone via Chris Frankes score and Sheridan looking a little uneasy. This seems to remind him of (in my opinion) the last time he stood on a balcony and looked over a cityscape (z'ha'dum). Also the two plinths on the side of the balcony are similar in design to the two at the cave entrance on z'ha'dum.


or lazy design?
Well, it probably *is* the same balcony set, just redressed a bit, but that is an interesting question about the music. I assumed at the time that it was just to let us know dart times lay ahead for The Sheridans, but it certainly could have been a more specific kind of foreshadowing.
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