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Re: Specific Stuff You'd Like JMS To Answer

Originally Posted by fisheggs View Post
I'm curious how much Vorlon and Shadow influence played in the younger races. We know the Vorlon "snatched" Jack the Ripper, well before spaceflight became a "reality" on Earth, and that most of the races "recognized" Kosh when he rescued Sheridan. There were hints that "Dracula" was actually Drackhula" as well.
Well, yeah, but that was in a book and I'm not sure how seriously we should take those. <G>

I would be interested to know how and what the Drakh were doing while their masters were asleep, however. As I interpret the "JMS Memo" detailing his original plan for B5, it seems as though the Shadows would have won the war against the Vorlons, and would have been the primary antagonists in "Babylon Prime." So were the Drakh just placeholders for the Shadows once he wrote them out, or was there something specificly different that he needed to use them for?
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