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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

Yeah, a whole lot of ugly, stupid reality interfering with the direction. In fact, if you've read JMS "Memo" - the B5 he'd set out to right is a very, very different show which more-or-less adds up to about the first two and a half sesons of the B5 we got. (Here's a link for anyone who's not already familiar with the "Original Concept" ) and his original spinoff idea was many things, but it certainly wasn't Crusade ( )
It's really interesting - with hindsight - to see how much drifted and how many compromises and changes had to be made to keep the show running. The fascinating thing - for me, anyway - is that the show seems to have gotten better every time JMS went under the gun, and had to re-engineer the whole damn thing to keep it running. He seems to work well under adversity.
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