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Re: What order to see it all in?

About two years ago, I decided to introduce my older kids to B5, so we sat down and watched all the shows in subjective chronological order (Including putting "Day of the Dead" in its right location in S5), and I have to say it kind of moved me.

Truth be told, I didn't like "Sleeping in Light" at the time. It was too intimate for me, to quiet and close to be following the sturm und drang of the last third of S5, it felt like the show had just run out of steam. Watching it again didn't improve it for me any.

However, watching it after everything else - the show, the movies, Rangers, Crusade, Lost Tales, "Beginning", it picked up a lot of resonance for me, it really moved me. It took me nearly a decade to get what JMS was going for with that episode, but when I finally was able to connect with it, it moved me in ways no other part of the franchise did. It was beautiful, and poignient, and it made me ache for all the cool stuff we were prevented from seeing.

So, of course I vote for watching them in chronological order. <G>
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