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Re: Babylon 5 Fan Films

@ Jan: Ok, thank you. That makes more sense. It still doesn't entirely track with me, mind you, I feel like we're overlooking something that I can't quite pin down, but at least that makes a bit more sense to me. (Also, please note that I'm not looking to make a B5 fan film, it's just a glaring omission, and I want to know why it doesn't happen). When I interviewed JMS earlier this year he said >>>I think that by and large, they're happy with where we ended, and are okay to leave it there. If we'd ended the series on a cliffhanger, or been cut off midway, then I think there would be more of an impetus to do more fan fiction and films. But we ended on "full stop," and that makes all the difference.<<<

@ KoshN: (Clever name, by the way!) The downloadable version of "In the Pirkenning" is way better than the purchasable version, and of course it's free. I think they might even be streaming it these days. Check it out here

Alas, though hope springs eternal, I do think B5 is dead. We've had three revival attempts, and one failed movie attempt, and JMS is a great big bohonkin' major mojo screenwriter these days who's pretty clearly moved on. I'd love to be proved wrong, I want more, but I really don't think it's gonna' happen.
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