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Re: Babylon 5 Fan Films

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Now that B5 is dead, it's annoyed me for a number of years that there are no Babylon 5 Fan Films. Granted, most Fan Films are terrible, and granted they're only-questionably-legal at best (Read: Illegal, but not worth prosecuting or persecuting), but they are kind of fun, there's some vicarious glee that comes from seeing stuff in a universe you already know that you haven't seen before (Particularly if it's well done), and, frankly, given my love for the show I find it more than a little bit unacceptable that Trek and Star Wars get all the love, and my beloved Station gets nothing.

Well, not nothing: Star Wreck: In The Pirkenning *DID* parrody B5, and oh Lord was it fun watching Earthforce whomp on those Starfleet ninnies,
Oooh, sounds like something that I'd LOVE to see. Yes, I've heard of it and read some things about it online, but I've never SEEN it. Is it available to buy on DVD or is it download only?

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...but then after that...the sounds of tumbleweeds and crickets. Nothing.
Yeah, that's the sound I'm all too familiar with as I wait for the Crusade scriptbooks. <chews on rebar and blows bubbles with the steel>

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Why should this be? I mean, there's a big unvierse out there that's only scarecely been visited. There's tons of dangling plot threads. There's the whole Drakh Plague thing, the Technomage war, the Telepath war, the Hand, there's lots of stuff to deal with. Sure, the station and Mars have kinda' been done to death, but there's lots of other places to go, right? Lots of places to see, people to meet?

So how come someone hasn't done a Star Trek: Phase 2-styled "Voyages of the Agamemnon"
Because we fear that doing so might nix something Babylon 5 or Crusade related coming out, like a story idea almost prevented one of the B5 episodes from being produced (IIRC "Passing Through Gethsemane")?

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....or just picked up where "Legend of the Rangers" left off,
God no!!!

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
....or done some other concept?
Perhaps we don't consider Babylon 5 dead yet. Rationally, that might be true, but we don't want to bury it yet.

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