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Re: Babylon 5 Fan Films

I recognize that B5 is owned by WB, I totally get that. I also get that fan films are, by their very nature, illegal, so whomever owns it is a little immaterial. Before Paramount decided to embrace the fan films (Very recently), the prosecuted 'em like anyone else did, but they had little effect. If they found out about one in production, they'd shut it down, but there are still dozens of pre-"Tolerane" B5 fan films out there, dating back to the 70s, and varying wildly in quality.

Fox/Lucasfilm attempted to shut down Star Wars fan films for decades, but eventually settled on giving awards (To illegal productions) simply so they could exact some quality control.

Saying "WB doesn't want it to happen" is kinda' like saying "No one will every break in to my house because there are laws against that sort of thing." Well, yeah, there are, but people engaged in criminal acts don't care about the laws, by defnition. Where there's a will, there's a way. Since there's no visible fanfilms (Excepting In The Pirkenning), ergo, there's no desire.

Which brings me back to my original question: Why not?

Thank you for the link, by the way, I hadn't seen it, and it's really interesting!
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