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Re: EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

Originally Posted by butlerd View Post
It was definitely one of the better of the S1 episodes and there are a lot of good scenes, particularly the one between Ivanova and Talia at the end. There is nothing to really dislike about the episode, although it certainly can't compare to many episodes in the following seasons.
The only thing I dislike about this episode is Sinclair's flying/fighting in the dogfight at the transport. I realize his description of his maneuvering (like it was his first time in a Starfury, like the training wheels were still on it) is for the benefit of the viewers (connecting the dots for them, empathizing the flight controls of the Starfury), but if he'd reacted that slowly in combat, he'd have been dead. The raiders would have obliterated him.

Compare that with the dogfights in Crusade. The ones in Crusade (e.g. War Zone, Each Night I Dream of Home, etc.) were much faster and more realistic.
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