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Re: Most memorable moments, for you

Aww, I wanted to point out the montage of Londo's progression... There was something so incredibly smart about that scene, because it wasn't only the montage of Londo's life in the past 4 years, but of our lives as viewers... The nostalgie Londo feels all of the sudden took me by surprise and made me feel really nostalgic as well. Especially the shot where Londo is crawling on the table drunk... All of the sudden, in retrospect, Londo understands he had moments of happiness after all. Amazing sequence, one of my all time favorites.

Also, -"You wanna be president?" - "Yeah!" -"Put your hand on the book and say, 'I do'" -"I do" -"Fine. Done. Let's eat"
- "You mean you don't... You haven't..."
- "Yes..."
- "You're a..."
- "Exactly."
- "With anyone???"
- "Never met the right person before..."
- "Wow... I thought the first ones were rare"

Ivanova & Marcus, S4 EP3 - "The Summoning".
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