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Most memorable moments, for you

To me, the show has more great moments than most of other series combined.

What're yours?
One of my absolute favourites is in the episode The long, twilight struggle, on the 2nd season. Draal contacts the station and causes interference in the electronics, we have lt. Corwin saying that they were afraid that something like this would happen.

Then Corwin hails Ivanova over the comms and we move from C&C into someone's quarters.

First thing you hear is running water from a shower. Then there's a really up-beat and light music. Because Ivanova was hinted before, you'd expect we'd find her in the shower. Back then (and even now a little) as a strapping young lad I went "yeaah!" in my head over the prospect of seeing her in the shower.

I don't recall how disapointed I was when it became clear that it's not her. It's Sheridan. Nowadays this makes me smile like crazy. I don't know whether they did this thing on purpose or what, but it's really ingenious and hilarious
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