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Re: S1: Overwrought?

I find that there are a fair amount of moments where it feels that the actors are talking to you, not to the ones they're supposedly having a dialogue with - like when Garibaldi gives Ivanova the "right, you're new here" speech.

It felt so awkward that it just jumps at you. The feeling of it being a clumsy info-bit for the audience is enhanced greatly by how Garibaldi is positioned - I'm not exactly sure if it was that he almost watched at the camera at some point of the conversation, but there certainly was a great deal of that typical monologueism that usually kicks in when the actors are painstakingly aware of the camera and they're giving a more theatric performance - ever seen Walter Koenig in Moontrap?

I have hard time encouraging people to see B5, even when I quite clearly say that nothing comes even close.
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