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Re: S1: Overwrought?

Ugh, when "threading", there comes a time when responding to each and every thing written at you requires you to practically write a goddamn article in return... Since I don't have the time, I'm just gonna generally say I agree with some things written above and don't agree with others.

In regards to what KoshN Said: Well, "real" ambassadors usually don't try to kill each other on a crazed rampage while on drugs, nor do they turn into cocoons or sword-fight an old friend of theirs to the death, so... I don't agree about their language being another part of "the way real ambassadors are". Londo, Gkar, Delenn... They're not real-life ambassadors.

Having said that, I do agree with what someone here said, about life in 2258 possibly being SO different than ours, that those kind of things could make sense for their time; Then again, you could question that by pointing out the fact their behavior doesn't look "futuristic", but the other way around: They sometimes seem out of the dark ages - very traditional, ceremonial, almost tribal and primal. To me, those two do not contradict each other, but represent how JMS views the future: A return to origins and a rekindling of innocence.

Also, I used to hate O'Hare's acting, until I realized: It's not his acting that's weird, it's SINCLAIR that's weird. Sinclair is a weird person. He IS zen, but he's zen in a weird way because he doesn't even understand why he's Zen. He's a person inside of a person, and that messes him up in a not-so-determine way. The brilliance about his character is that it is a WEIRD character. Not "mysterious-weird" like Galen, not "crazy-funny-weird" like Zathras, but just... Real life "can't-put-my-finger-on-what's-weird-about-him-weird".
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