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Re: S1: Overwrought?

Originally Posted by Alluveal View Post
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By realistic approach I think he meant the "let's let the actors talk like regular people talk" approach you have today. The first very bad example that pops to my mind is Gilmore Girls (yeah yeah), in which those 2 girls keep talking and talking as if the text itself is meaningless and the only things that matters is what stands behind what they're saying. I don't like that approach to writing (nor do I find it to be ANYTHING like real life), and I definitely don't think it fits in quality TV such as B5.
It's one of the golden rules of fiction writing: what is "great" in real life (read: purely authentic) often translates like shit to the page or to the screen.

Example: When was the last time you watched a good show that included this kind of dialogue:

"So, uh, like, hi."
"Hey, uhh umm, what's up?"
"Uhh, not much, er, at least, er, uh, I dunno."
"Yeah, like, I was, you know, like at school."
"Yeah! School. Yeah!"
"And, uh, fuck that teacher. Bitch."

This could be a real conversation.
....between teenagers, but not between most of the characters on "Babylon 5." Heh, I was just envisioning Sinclair and Londo having that conversation. Seriously, a lot of the people on "Babylon 5" are ambassadors, professional diplomats, soldiers and other business professionals who are certainly not teenagers. They're polished, used to debating and are more likely to come out with thoughts that make their point rather than rambling through idle conversation. I think they usually spoke realistically as their adult characters.
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