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Re: Babylon 5 - Sleeping in Light - The End

I don't think not having her in deconstructions is a glitch... There could be other reasons for whateverhisnameis to not want to bring her back. Maybe the fact she was a telepath? I don't know. JMS could've come up with all sorts of crap, and in any way I don't think it's relevant.

Hey, the fact they're being filmed by a guy with a camera is somewhat of a glitch as well, so... You know

I think we both stated our opinions.

BTW, what you said about their relationship being a bit "harder" in S5 is correct - Actually, I watched S5 and SiL unaware of the fact SiL was filmed for S4. And when Garibaldi said that line, my response was "huh, so there WAS something going on underneath between them all season"...

So you could say the glitch is not necessarily in the fact SiL was filmed in the end of S4, but in the fact that you fans knew about it
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