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Re: Babylon 5 - Sleeping in Light - The End

Originally Posted by Infested Londo View Post
So you're saying JMS thought they wouldn't have time to patch things up in 10 years? And again, if so, why did he clear the air between them during the 5th season? Obviously he remembered the bad blood between them in SiL...

Look, I'm not one of those crazy fans who can't believe JMS is capable of making a mistake - He is, and he did - But I don't think this is one of them, nor do I recognize any other glitches caused by SiL being filmed at the end of S4.
This debate probably isn't worth losing any sleep over... but I'm still convinced I saw something somewhere where JMS said that's why the Franklin/Garibaldi exchange is in there.

Again, by the dictates of the story, you're absolutely right. But SiL was filmed on the assumption that there would be no season 5. As far as I can recall, after Sheridan's rescue he and Garibaldi don't get any screen time together before the finale -- in other words, where SiL would have aired if there had been no continuation. So while logically you're quite correct, obviously they could have talked things through in the ensuing decades. But it would have been even weirder for audiences to go from "Garibaldi, I was gonna kick your ass!" to lifelong friends without something being said to explain it. You know how us fans like to pick stuff apart...

However, it would be equally illogical for them to not talk all through Season 5. JMS was not such a slave to continuity that he'd have them fight all year just to maintain one line in the finale. Which is why they do indeed reconnect -- although if you note, their S5 relationship is a bit rougher.

And once SiL was filmed, they didn't have the time/money to go back and change it (notice JMS never managed to do the Soviet revisionism he wanted and re-film Beth Toussant's Anna with Melissa Gilbert instead; an even more glaring continuity error; again no money or time). So the season-four relevance of the exchange was no longer necessary but was still there.

Hence, glitch.

A perhaps more unfortunate one is actually in "Deconstruction of Falling Stars" -- they'd paid Claudia for a full season, and since SiL was technically a fourth-season ep, they couldn't have her in Deconstruction. So in a way the biggest glitch caused by SiL aired a year before the episode did.
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