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New Bab5 zealot here

Just finished the series and a few movies, starting Crusade now.. seems I watched everything out of order near the end so i'm kicking myself for that now.

But I am confused about something, maybe I missed an episode or two and I just didn't realise it; Londo left that jar with the mind-control alien inside it with sheridan and delenn right, to attach to their kid when it hit 16, but the last episode where sheridan dies is supposably 19 years in the future right? but in that episode I didn't see their child or anything about this alien mind control stuff, it just seemed to be forgotten entirely.. or did I miss something?

I just watched legend of the rangers.. from what I have read people don't seem to like this but I thought it was alright, the bit where the female ranger is inside the weapons system or whatever in order to fire the ships guns made me laugh out loud pretty well.
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