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Re: What order to see it all in?

Originally Posted by blackcoatcowboy View Post
Actually, it does make perfect sense and does fit. Im not sure how you unable to see it but everyone is entitled to a-pinions.

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
I gather you're going for strict chronological order if you're putting "Deconstruction" last... but alas, that simply doesn't work with this show. I mean, "War Without End" alone messes all that up.
One joy of watching "Deconstuction..." in it's original airing spot is that you get the foreshadowing for the Telepath Revolution on B5. IMHO, this is important for the new viewer (and afterall, if someone is asking for the "proper viewing order", they're likely either someone new to the series, or someone watching it straight through for the first time). The reverse is true for in the Beginning being shown before War Without End, it won't make much sense to a new viewer, but, they'll remember enough that it will dampen their surprise when viewing War Without End. For us old hats, that have seen it straight through a few times, these little things don't matter, and we may indeed find new joys by watching them in their chronological order.
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