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Re: What order to see it all in?

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Originally Posted by KoshN View Post

Sheesh! Do I have to do everything?
I figured you've got the list tucked away and just cut and paste every time the subject comes up...
I do. I was just busting on ya.

We really should have a FAQ area here. For example:

Babylon 5, Crusade and Rangers
--B5 world
--B5 related
--B5 personnel
--B5 FAQ

That'd prevent the repetition taking up more space every time I cut & paste a list into a thread. Instead, I could just refer to it. There could have one for the viewing order, one for the B5 novel info. (e.g. ISBN, etc.), a detailed one for Crusade order (TNT Order, JMS/SciFi Order, and mine with and without Uniform continuity), and another for B5 novel notes.

I'll ask Antony.
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