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Re: Episode Discussion (EpDis) Thread Index

Problem goes back to the problems that were experienced by JMS. As you say, season one two and three were well written, and executed. With Season four, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding whether there would be a S5, so the race was on to finalize the main story arc that would see the end of the "great war" leaving the earth civilian war as a possible sacrifice. S5 was approved and we were fotunate to see the conclusion of the civil war, the telepath rebellion and the end of sheridans life in conjunction with the decomission of B5. Due to network dithering, s4 and s5 seemed to almost have a jerky "stop start:" sensation.

Unfortuantely I need to disagree with the "war scenes" as you put it. I thought they were the best battle scenes ever screened. The only two that surpasse the B5 battle sequences would be the opening battle of star wars ep 3 and the battle sequence in " serenity. That , however, is based purely on personal opinion
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