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Re: Legend of the Rangers

I only just received my DVD and I gotta say I'm disappointed. Nothing in particular just the entire film was not as good as I was hoping it would be. A Call to Arms probably set the bench mark a bit high for me as I only got that DVD last week and IMHO it's much better.

Also, the very notion that Rangers do not back down even if it means certain death for no cause what so ever annoyed me. I do not understand why they were supposed to die for absolutely nothing, it nullifies the entire Rangers cause if you ask me.

If you're protecting a civilian colony full of children then I understand why you would willingly give your life with no chance of victory but when you're chasing a bunch of raiders with 0 chance of success what exactly do you achieve? Nothing...

Sometimes the Minbari are far too cold and robotic, and on the other hand you have Delenn, who certainly won't back down from a fight easily, but would preserve life more than anything else. This is conflicting if you ask me...
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