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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar View Post
Industrial and techno music generally strike me as "music without a heart," in fact, I call them 'music for androids.' But, although Chen's music resembles those genres, I found that it did have a soul, or a heart. I found that it DID contribute to the impact of the visuals. It did often strike me as empty, although probably not in the way you mean. Emptiness is the most profound aspect of space. Chen's battle music, to me, conjured images of massive mechanical things entering the vast emptiness of space. Very appropriate.
I just finished watching "A Call to Arms" in order to pay particular attention to the music. I found it to be grim, militaristic and mechanised, and that was fitting. I think that it lent the right tone to the movie. A lot of the music was discordant, but it was supposed to be. The movie didn't have a happy ending.

Overall, I like Chen's Crusade music better, but that was often more hopeful and upbeat, to match the Crusade episodes.
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