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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

Originally Posted by Sindatur View Post
It was strange, and perhaps a bit jarring, but, I never found it objectionable like so many did. I seen/heard many people absolutely horrified by it. Of course, I didn't loathe Byron's gang and their "We Will All Come Together In a Better Place..." or the JMS written song that Dr. Franklin's Caitlin sang either. Byron's Gang in general I enjoyed being part of the series, because you were supposed to dislike their characters, where other people felt they really hurt the show tremendously.
Though we disagree in the political thread, I agree completely here.

Chen's music was strange and jarring, and quite a change from Franke. But I liked it quite a bit, even though I don't like "industrial" music, which it resembles. I particularly liked it in the battle scenes.
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